Success Stories

“Thank you, Vanessa, for the support and the help you gave us. I would recommend you to all families in our same situation. Now we can all sleep well. Me, Giacomo, and my husband. Seeing Giacomo falling asleep independently without any struggles makes me happy and at ease. I can`t thank you enough”


“Vanessa, I have to say that you have been exceptional, professional, at the same time empathic and understanding. We could not have asked for more. It has been an intense journey, sometimes a bit hard for me but that gave us impressive results. I think that teaching our kids independent sleep skills is a big gesture of love and you gave us the chance to understand it. Thank you again!”


“Thank you, Vanessa, because our life has changed in the last two weeks. We are all rested and happier than before. I really did not think it would be possible but now Stefano is falling asleep independently both night and day. It is a dream!”


“I started the sleep program with Vanessa after a lot of hesitation and a mix of skepticism and fear; I was terrified of having to make my daughter cry to exhaustion and I felt guilty starting this journey as if I was doing something bad for her; now thinking about it makes me smile because I think about how our life has completely changed in the last month, how my daughter’s life has changed who is now serene and rested and much less cranky and how my life has changed. Finally I can take a shower in peace, watch a film with my husband or be able to go out with friends in complete serenity because I know my daughter is sleeping peacefully. Vanessa immediately understood our problems but also my needs and my expectations, with a lot of patience and care she accompanied me on this journey which after just two days gave its excellent results. Now a month later my daughter sleeps all night in her room, falls asleep in total autonomy and I keep telling myself that it was the best “investment” I could make for my daughter and for our family. I highly recommend everyone to start the sleep program with Vanessa”